In recent years, doctors and specialists in men’s sexual health have used research-backed methods to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), and the results have been positive. 

Still, you may be wondering. Are there alternative medicines in ED treatment programs that could work as successfully as traditional medicine?

Definition of Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine involves treatments that aren’t traditional (or mainstream) medical therapies. It’s also called “integrative” or  ”complementary” medicine.

Let’s discuss some alternative medicines and whether or not they’re beneficial treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Western society considers TCM to be alternative medicine, but it’s called “traditional” because TCM has been practiced for thousands of years in Chinese culture.

TCM focuses on restoring the “yin-yang” balance within the body. For example, Chinese medicine practitioners believe that ED happens when a weakened kidney or liver causes an imbalance in the body.

Alternative Medicine Treatments for ED

Still, one therapeutic method in Chinese medicine—acupuncture—has been studied as a possible complementary treatment for erectile dysfunction.


Chinese medicine uses acupuncture to treat various health issues, including ED. 

Acupuncture treatments involve inserting tiny needles into pressure points (called acupoints) on the skin that reaches underlying tissues.

Scientists have conducted research into acupuncture treatments for ED. In one study, 60% of people receiving acupuncture reported improved sexual activity versus 43% in a non-acupuncture, placebo group—not impressive enough to say acupuncture helps.

However, another study indicated that acupuncture might effectively treat psychogenic ED (caused by non-organic health issues like stress, anxiety, or depression). Almost 65% of people in this study responded satisfactorily to acupuncture versus the placebo group. 

So, is acupuncture beneficial in treating ED?

Potential benefits of acupuncture: 

  • May strengthen the spleen and kidney
  • May increase blood circulation
  • May improve the mood
  • May regulate nerve sensitivity
  • May improve blood supply to peripheral blood vessels, including the penis.

Potential risks:

We conclude that the benefits of acupuncture remain unproven. As well, it’s unsafe to perform acupuncture on yourself. Acupuncture treatments should only be done by a trained professional.


Alternative Medicine Treatments for ED

This therapeutic method in TCM is similar to acupuncture, but it doesn’t involve needles. 

Believers think acupressure can treat illness and promote wellness and vitality by targetting twelve major “energy meridians” that run through the whole body. 

An acupressurist uses their own body to stretch, massage, or apply pressure to acupoints along the patient’s meridians. 

Ancient beliefs in acupressure and acupuncture say that these treatments restore balance by unblocking the body’s meridians. In doing so, the body can eliminate pain or health problems, including (they believe) ED. 

The question is, can acupressure seriously treat ED?

Potential benefits of acupressure: 

  • Not as invasive as acupuncture 
  • May help treat nausea and vomiting
  • May reduce stress
  • May improve energy 
  • May provide general pain relief. 

Potential risks:

Current research into acupressure as an ED treatment is more limited than acupuncture studies. It’s also challenging to find a trained acupressurist.

In addition, acupressure is not advised for people with spinal injuries, diseases of the bones, varicose veins, and some forms of cancer.

Let’s discuss Reiki, another alternative medicine that began in Japan in the 1800s. Can it help to treat ED? 


Alternative Medicine Treatments for ED

In English, Reiki is a “complementary biofield energy” touch therapy.

Believers in this therapy think the energy field around a body can get disrupted. Reiki practitioners use their hands to encourage healing through the patient’s energy field.

Reiki believers say it reduces stress, treats depression, relaxes the body, and can heal minor injuries, and believers also speak highly of its positive psychological and physical effects.

But the medical proof is not there, and we think significantly more research is required to conclude if Reiki will ever be a beneficial ED treatment.

Now let’s discuss an alternative method that some Western medical specialists believe may treat sexual dysfunctions effectively.


Alternative Medicine Treatments for ED

This method is also known as hypnosis, and medical reports suggest it may help treat erectile dysfunction caused by mental health issues.

Research-backed benefits of hypnotherapy: 

  • May be effective in diagnosing ED
  • May improve self-confidence in people with ED
  • May increase the benefits of counselling sessions 
  • May increase the effectiveness of physical ED treatments
  • May help resolve mental health issues or neurosis
  • A trained hypnotherapist can teach you self-hypnosis exercises you can do alone.

Potential Risks:

Only a trained hypnotherapist can conduct these sessions, and hypnotherapy might not benefit everyone.

For us, more medical evidence is required to confirm if hypnotherapy could be an effective ED treatment.

So, Do Alternative Medicines Work in ED Treatment?

Many believers in alternative medicines think they can treat erectile dysfunction. While alternative methods are generally drug-free, we don’t recommend any “herbal remedy” as a safe ED treatment. 

Some proponents say that acupressure or hypnotherapy can help treat stress, anxiety, or depression that causes psychogenic ED. Still, we can’t make a firm conclusion about what treatments will work without properly diagnosing a person’s ED.  

Why a Proper ED Diagnosis Is Important

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by organic issues (physical health problems), psychogenic issues, or both. A proper diagnosis looks at every possibility to determine what’s causing ED.

One medically approved and researched therapy that can effectively treat ED is Acoustic Shockwave Therapy, but don’t worry about the shockwave part! This therapy uses only gentle acoustic soundwaves to treat ED.

Alternative Medicine Treatments for ED

We have 30+ peer-reviewed studies on hand that show the effectiveness of acoustic shockwave therapy in treating sexual dysfunctions like ED and Peyronie’s Disease. 

Still, we believe that every person with ED should receive a proper diagnosis before any alternative medicines in an ED treatment are discussed.

At Oakwood Health Network, we are specialists in men’s sexual health! We evaluate and diagnose everyone individually to recommend your best treatment options.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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