Penile Erection Process

The Physiological Process of Penile Erection Explained

Today, we’re talking about how arousal and sexual desire cause a penile erection. These are healthy and normal processes, but they can be affected by an orgasmic disorder.  How Arousal or Sexual Desire Cause an Erection A physical erection has its beginnings in your brain.  Your senses a...
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Is Erectile Dysfunction a Genetic Disease_

Is Erectile Dysfunction a Genetic Disease?

Many people have questions about their risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) and, specifically, if there’s a genetic risk factor that they’ll suffer from ED. ED Symptoms ED is a sexual dysfunction that makes it difficult or impossible for a person to get an erect penis or keep their erection firm en...
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7 Men's Health Numbers You Should Know

7 Men’s Health Numbers You Should Know

When you hear “health check,” do you think of a trip to the doctor? That’s good because annual checkups are essential!  But do you know about a health check at home and how seven numbers can make you healthier and help minimize serious health risks? We’ve compiled a “men’s healt...
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Masturbation_ pros and cons

Masturbation: Pros and Cons Men Probably Don’t Know

Whatever you got told as a kid, male masturbation is a natural act. If you need proof, research indicates that 60% of Canadian men will self-satisfy every week! Masturbation indeed declines with age—but 74% of men between 55-59 will still masturbate every month or more. Today, we’re talking ...
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