10 Questions Men Are Afraid to Ask About Penis

Top 10 Questions Men Are Afraid to Ask About Their Penis

Do you know the average length of a penis? It’s a general question that concerns a lot of people. But it’s also a perfect example of a typical issue that many men wonder about but are afraid to ask about their penis!  Here’s another question that concerns countless people, but men may be ...
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Great Time to Fight Erectile Dysfunction

Last Fling: Why It’s a Great Time to Fight Erectile Dysfunction

Your sexual life is real, and genuine intimacy means the physical and emotional connection you have with your partner. This part of yourself is vital to overall good health! A review this year shows results from over twenty sexual studies. Nearly 4,000 men and 2,500 women reported less sexual activi...
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Male Infertility and ED

Is There a Link Between Male Infertility and Erectile Dysfunction?

If you’re searching for male infertility treatment, you’re not alone. Fertility issues in the Western world affect nearly 20% of couples, and half of these cases involve male fertility. Science also suggests a future decrease in fertility rates, but modern medicine is coming up with treatments. ...
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Popular questions about Erectile Dysfunction

3 Popular Questions Men Ask
About Erectile Dysfunction

We’ve read the research: current data shows that 50% of men in their 50s will be affected by some form of erectile dysfunction (ED). So it’s no surprise that people have many questions about causes, symptoms, and available ED treatments. And if you have questions, it’s not a nuisan...
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A sad middle-aged man

At What Age Can You Get Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs when a person cannot get a hard erection or maintain an erect penis during sex. Research shows that ED can happen quickly or progress more slowly, but at what age can you get erectile dysfunction, and what causes erectile dysfunction? At OHN, we know things are good ...
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