Gainswave Therapy: A More Permanent Solution For Erectile Dysfunction

For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, finding a solution, either permanent, or temporary, is highly prioritized. Getting to the root of the issue, and finding out how to go about remedying it is not always the most straightforward process. The causes of ED are many and varied, and addressing them requires a tailored approach for each individual. Certain procedures and treatments that work well for some men, end up falling short for others.

There are, however, promising new therapies and treatments on the market that many men have been finding success with. One of those is what is known in the industry as Gainswave Therapy. Below are some of the reasons it is being heralded as a more permanent solution for ED.

What is Gainswave Therapy for ED? 

Gainswave Therapy is a non-invasive procedure using pulse waves to help improve blood-flow to the penis, with the end goal being to improve sexual performance and address the root cause of erectile dysfunction. It is a safe, effective, outpatient procedure that does not require the use of pharmaceuticals, and is capable of providing long-lasting results.

Gainswave is a credible, powerful alternative to traditional approaches to ED treatment. Responses to the treatment depend on both age, as well as underlying and/or chronic medical conditions, but a vast majority of men respond positively to the treatment. Urologists have come out in broad support of Gainswave, with myriad testimonials from men lauding the success of this new method. Improvements to ED range across the board, with some men experiencing much more dramatic improvements than others (based on a variety of personal and environmental factors), but the bottom line is, this new pulse wave therapy is already demonstrating revolutionary potential.

The Benefits of Gainswave Procedure 

As mentioned, Gainswave Therapy is both non-invasive and performed in-clinic, which means no pain, no stress. The procedure only takes around 20 minutes and is capable of getting to the root cause of erectile dysfunction (i.e. weakened blood vessels in the penis). The procedure not only addresses the root cause of ED, but also helps improve sexual performance. Patients who have undergone the therapy have reported improved erection quality, improved sexual performance, and decreased refractory times between orgasms.

Perhaps the most appealing benefit of Gainswave Therapy is that it provides a viable, long-term option to pharmaceutical treatment. Eliminating pills which, while incredibly beneficial to a large number of men, address only symptoms, not root causes, makes this new treatment option one of the most promising and exciting ones to come along in recent history.

How the Procedure is Performed 

Gainswave is generally performed over the course of 6 to 12 sessions, each lasting 15 to 20 minutes. Gainswave is the commercial name for the medical procedure known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, where high frequency acoustic waves are applied to the genitals in order to break-up micro-plaque in blood vessels, and importantly, stimulate the growth of new blood vessels.

The best part of the procedure is that the sessions do not take up much of your time. They are something you can work in to a lunch break, before, or after work, or on a weekend without eating up and entire day.

Success Across the Board

The successes that have come out of this new treatment are quite astounding. Urologists who have treated patients with Gainswave tell stories of near across-the-board improvement. One urologist quoted in a 2017 Urology Times article told the story of men who came to see him for the treatment of severe erectile dysfunction (who were only able to get erections after penile injection therapy), who after 12 sessions of Gainswave, only had to treat their condition with medication.

The traditional pharmaceuticals (like Viagara and Cialis) have certainly helped many men, but the results for others have been lacklustre, or non-existent. Clinics utilizing Gainswave Therapy, however, are reporting up to an 80 percent success rate in terms of improvement in the quality of erections, reduced time between climaxes, and heightened sensitivity. The fact that so many urologists have come out in quick support for this treatment is promising, and the early success means that Gainswave is likely here to stay and will continue to make a name for itself among clinicians and ED sufferers alike.

Gainswave Therapy is definitely the most exciting advancement in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in recent years. The non-invasive procedure continues to prove itself among men of all ages, and of all ED severities. If you are interested in learning more about Gainswave Therapy and think it might be what you have been waiting for, get in touch with Oakwood Health today to find out more.