OHN Myths about ED : Debunking Misconceptions

Myths About Erectile Dysfunction: Debunking Misconceptions

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that affects millions of men worldwide. Despite its prevalence, there are still many myths and misconceptions about ED that can prevent men from seeking help and finding effective treatments. In this article, we will debunk some of the most common myth...
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Cycling and Men’s Health

Cycling and Men’s Health: What Does the Science Say?

Bicycling has never been more popular. Today, we’ve got cycling tips for you, focusing on the potential effect of bicycling on your urinary and sexual health.  While Cycling Canada is your go-to for practical information about the sport, we’ll talk about the risk of erectile dysfunc...
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Before You Inhale_ 10 Real Health Concerns With E-cigarettes

Before You Inhale:
10 Real Health Concerns With E-cigarettes

As vaping has grown in popularity, many people think an e-cigarette is always safer than smoking. There are still real health risks with vaping, and because e-cigarettes haven’t been around for many decades, scientific research must keep on determining just how serious the long-term effects will b...
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Holidays without ED

Guide for Spending Holidays Without Getting ED

Whatever holidays you celebrate, December is a special month where you can pause and take in the special moments.  But for many people, the holidays are also a time of overindulgence. You may not be aware of the dangers to your health—primarily men’s sexual health—caused by drinking a...
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Hair Loss in Men

7 Reasons Why Men Suffer From Hair Loss

We’ve got a different topic today—male baldness.  Although you might not think this is relative to our usual discussions about men’s sexual health, OHN is your men’s health clinic. We specialize in issues affecting you, including androgenic alopecia. Here’s a fascinating fact: on aver...
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