Male Contraception

Male Contraception: Are There Any Risks Of ED?

We read a startling statistic about Canadian pregnancies—nearly half are unplanned. It suggests a need for better family planning with more options for both partners, including a male contraceptive, perhaps a male contraceptive pill instead of (or in addition to) birth control pills for females. W...
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Andropause_ does it exist

Andropause: Does It Exist?

There’s a pause, and then there’s andropause, another term for male menopause. But some researchers and health specialists question if it’s real.  Today, we’ll talk about andropause symptoms and whether you should be concerned if you’re experiencing anything. Defining Andropause In Gr...
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Penis Pump: what does it do?

Penis Pump: What Does It do?

So, what exactly is a penis pump? It conjures up funny images, which sometimes creates more questions than answers. For example, you might wonder, “how to use a penis pump?” or “what does a penis pump do?” We’d be happy to tell you how a pump works, and we’ll also give you an idea of [&h...
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