Male Contraception

Male Contraception: Are There Any Risks Of ED?

We read a startling statistic about Canadian pregnancies—nearly half are unplanned. It suggests a need for better family planning with more options for both partners, including a male contraceptive, perhaps a male contraceptive pill instead of (or in addition to) birth control pills for females. W...
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Penile Erection Process

The Physiological Process of Penile Erection Explained

Today, we’re talking about how arousal and sexual desire cause a penile erection. These are healthy and normal processes, but they can be affected by an orgasmic disorder.  How Arousal or Sexual Desire Cause an Erection A physical erection has its beginnings in your brain.  Your senses a...
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ED Test Online

ED Test Online: Source You Can Trust

Erectile dysfunction, or the inability to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse, is a problem that affects millions of men. That can be a persistent problem or one that only occurs occasionally. Erectile dysfunction can be a difficult thing to deal with, mostly. It can negatively impact sel...
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