Overactive bladder and lifestyle changes

9 Lifestyle Changes for Men to Overcome an Overactive Bladder

If there’s one condition that makes everyday life difficult for an adult, it’s an overactive bladder. When you feel the urge to urinate too frequently, the stress can disrupt your sleep—and your sex life.  You may be familiar with overactive bladder symptoms, but you’re wond...
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Hair Loss in Men

7 Reasons Why Men Suffer From Hair Loss

We’ve got a different topic today—male baldness.  Although you might not think this is relative to our usual discussions about men’s sexual health, OHN is your men’s health clinic. We specialize in issues affecting you, including androgenic alopecia. Here’s a fascinating fact: on aver...
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Enlarged Prostate

How Does An Enlarged Prostate Affect Men?

Are you going to the bathroom more frequently? Frequent urination can be a symptom of an enlarged prostate, and many people we speak to want to know—does an enlarged prostate affect a man sexually? Since we’ve got the questions rolling, here’s another one: how does an enlarged prostate affect ...
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Popular questions about Erectile Dysfunction

3 Popular Questions Men Ask
About Erectile Dysfunction

We’ve read the research: current data shows that 50% of men in their 50s will be affected by some form of erectile dysfunction (ED). So it’s no surprise that people have many questions about causes, symptoms, and available ED treatments. And if you have questions, it’s not a nuisan...
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Do I Need the Procedure of Penis Enlargement

Do I Need the Procedure of Penis Enlargement?

What are your thoughts on penis enlargement? In case you’re wondering, penis enlargement in Canada is something that many people have questions about, and for some, worrying too much about penis size can harm their mental and physical health. Let’s Talk About Penis Enlargement We’ll discuss th...
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