10 Questions Men Are Afraid to Ask About Penis

Top 10 Questions Men Are Afraid to Ask About Their Penis

Do you know the average length of a penis? It’s a general question that concerns a lot of people. But it’s also a perfect example of a typical issue that many men wonder about but are afraid to ask about their penis!  Here’s another question that concerns countless people, but men may be ...
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Is Erectile Dysfunction a Genetic Disease_

Is Erectile Dysfunction a Genetic Disease?

Many people have questions about their risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) and, specifically, if there’s a genetic risk factor that they’ll suffer from ED. ED Symptoms ED is a sexual dysfunction that makes it difficult or impossible for a person to get an erect penis or keep their erection firm en...
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Peyronie's Disease

Do I Have Peyronie’s Disease? Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

If you’re reading this to answer the question, “Do I have Peyronie’s disease?” We wrote this article for you. First, we’ll explain what Peyronie’s disease is, then we’ll discuss Peyronie’s disease symptoms and Peyronie’s disease causes, how it’s diagnosed, and treatment optio...
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