Masturbation_ pros and cons

Masturbation: Pros and Cons Men Probably Don’t Know

Whatever you got told as a kid, male masturbation is a natural act. If you need proof, research indicates that 60% of Canadian men will self-satisfy every week! Masturbation indeed declines with age—but 74% of men between 55-59 will still masturbate every month or more. Today, we’re talking ...
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Hair Loss in Men

7 Reasons Why Men Suffer From Hair Loss

We’ve got a different topic today—male baldness.  Although you might not think this is relative to our usual discussions about men’s sexual health, OHN is your men’s health clinic. We specialize in issues affecting you, including androgenic alopecia. Here’s a fascinating fact: on aver...
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Terry Fox Run & Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Every September, 30+ countries around the world hold a Terry Fox Run. Most Canadians know that Terry is a national hero, and we honour Terry’s legacy by mentioning the importance of cancer screening. Did you know that September is also Prostate Cancer Awareness Month? As a men’s health clinic, w...
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Let’s Raise Awareness About World Cancer Day

Last Updated – January 31, 2023 Between the 20th and 21st centuries, medical research has made great strides in identifying what causes some cancers, and hopefully, these cancers will be entirely preventable one day. In some instances, like breast cancers, mortality rates have decreased signif...
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