Do Home Remedies Work in Treating ED_

Fewer than ¼ of men who experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) seek treatment.

An overwhelming number of people with ED depend on a Google search, hoping for a quick solution. Yes, you can find “home remedies” or herbs online and on websites that say Yoga exercises will solve your problem.

So, do any exercises or home remedies work in treating ED?

ED is Complex to Diagnose

One thing we know for sure, erectile dysfunction is common. If you need further proof, here’s a startling global statistic: over 322 million men will be diagnosed with ED by 2025.

ED occurs for many reasons. A medication may cause ED as a side effect, or someone may experience an isolated bout of ED after drinking heavily. The bigger picture tells us that close to 75% of ED sufferers have long-term symptoms due to complex physical, psychological, or lifestyle issues.

If you want to treat ED properly, it is best to get a proper diagnosis. Without an accurate diagnosis, it isn’t easy to demonstrate that any home remedy will work.

Herbal Remedies


For centuries, many herbal medications have claimed to treat sexual problems, including ED.

Scientists studying herbal remedies have counted over seven hundred types of herbs that are believed to be aphrodisiacs (an aphrodisiac is a compound in the herb that is thought to increase sexual arousal, sexual performance, the strength of erections, and pleasure during sex).

The most popular aphrodisiacs in herbal remedies include the following compounds that are scientifically classified:

·         Panax ginseng

·         Ginkgo biloba

·         Pausinystalia Yohimbe

·         Tribulus Terrestris

·         Epimedium Grandiflorum

·         Yohimbe

While scientists have identified these compounds, few research or peer-reviewed studies say herbal remedies effectively treat ED. For example, Panax ginseng is an ingredient in many herbal remedies for ED. Still, we could find only one study with limited participants taking this herbal remedy, and we cannot determine its effectiveness.

Research into the herb Yohimbe did find some positive effects in treating some instances of ED. Still, studies have also found that this compound interferes with diabetes medications, potentially causing high blood pressure, chest pain, and thinning blood as adverse side effects of taking a Yohimbe-based herbal remedy for ED.

With a lack of medical evidence and the fact that herbal remedies can have harmful side effects, we must conclude that the proof isn’t there that herbal remedies effectively treat ED.

Home Remedies in Treating ED: Try Eating Better!


If you Google “food for ED” in your search for an ED treatment, you’re on the right track!

Reputable medical studies have found links between a proper diet and decreased ED symptoms. For example, a review published in 2018 found that people eating a Mediterranean diet may experience fewer symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

So, what is so special about a Mediterranean diet?

·         The Mediterranean diet is based on fresh, plant-based foods and fresh fish.

·         There are fewer fatty meats or highly processed foods in this diet

·         Additionally, there is something called flavonoids in many plant-based foods (foods like cocoa, watermelon, coffee, and pistachios) that can decrease symptoms of ED by increasing nitric oxide in the blood, improving heart health.

The 2018 study also found that overweight people with ED experienced fewer symptoms after losing weight. Based on this qualified research, we can conclude that a healthy diet and weight loss can improve your heart health and help to decrease ED symptoms.

Sexual Enhancement Products for the Penis

There’s no shame in admitting that you’ve checked out a sex shop (even a convenience store) for penis enhancement pills. Unfortunately, while these products may claim to be all-natural, many have been found to contain unlisted high concentrations of chemical ingredients that can cause dangerous side effects.

We conclude that “natural penis enhancers” are not effective. Moreover, these products can even be dangerous to consume if they contain high concentrations of chemicals that aren’t listed in the ingredients.

Yoga Exercises to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Yoga-based pelvic-floor strengthening exercises

Yoga exercises include cleansing, postures, breath control, meditation, and relaxation methods that have been practiced for centuries by noted philosophers and everyday people.

Because the practice of yoga has been medically proven to improve your mobility and flexibility and core strength, we would endorse yoga postures and other exercises that focus on your pelvic floor muscles to help improve ED symptoms.

Professional Opinions on Home Remedies for ED

A spokesperson for the American Urological Association (AUA) has expressed his professional opinion about home remedies used to treat erectile dysfunction worldwide.

According to Doctor Eric Laborde of the AUA, home remedies for ED may offer a placebo effect but no real improvement. A placebo effect means you’re led to believe the product works, and there may be temporary results. But, unfortunately, there is no long-term effectiveness and no cure.

Other specialists offer different opinions, including Geo Espinosa, director of Integrative Urology at NYU’s Langone Medical Center, who believes certain natural supplements can help you get and keep an erection.

Get a Proper Diagnosis and Get Your Mojo Back!

The message here is that a healthy diet, weight control, and other lifestyle changes (such as quitting smoking or cutting back on alcohol) may assist in your ED treatment program. Still, it’s crucial to receive a proper diagnosis from an expert in sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction is treatable! However, it is up to you to decide how to proceed. Home remedies in treating ED are generally ineffective and potentially dangerous, while an erectile dysfunction specialist will design the most effective ED treatment program for you.

When you address ED now, you can enjoy more satisfying sex and a happier, healthier future. Contact Us Today!

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