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Erectile dysfunction, or the inability to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse, is a problem that affects millions of men. That can be a persistent problem or one that only occurs occasionally.

Erectile dysfunction can be a difficult thing to deal with, mostly. It can negatively impact self-esteem, quality of life, and interpersonal relationships. However, it is essential to remember that most cases of erectile dysfunction have an organic etiology. That means that the cause is usually something physical, like a vascular disease.

The first step in assessing erectile dysfunction is to take a detailed medical and social history, including a review of any medications the patient is taking. It may also be helpful to speak with the patient’s sexual partner to see if any issues are exacerbating the problem.

A complete physical examination should always include a check-up of the urogenital, cardiovascular, and neurological systems. Screening for common etiologic factors with laboratory tests can help identify potential problems, like hypogonadal syndromes. That was how things were once.

Our lives are affected by modern technology. We have less time to achieve goals and more demands. To get everything done, we often do things online. That includes medical care, where we can consult a doctor online, get diagnosed, and receive treatment.

Let’s look at how technology works with Erectile Dysfunction online care.

PROMs: What Are They?

Patient-reported outcome measures

Patient-reported outcome measures, also known as PROMs, are essential for gauging patients’ perceptions of their functional well-being, disease burden, treatment efficacy, and clinical decision-making. PROMs give insightful data that can aid decision-making and improve patient quality of care.

Electronic PROMs are becoming an increasingly viable option because of the prevalence of smartphones and tablets. However, before implementing EPROMs, it is essential to validate them to ensure they will meet the users’ needs.

The International Index of Erectile Function

To help diagnose and treat this problem, the International Index of Erectile Function employs a patient-reported outcome measure (PROM). The Index considers various factors of male sexual function, including erection strength and satisfaction with intimate encounters. If they can gain a deeper understanding of erectile dysfunction, the specialists will be able to develop more effective treatments for the condition.

The participant can self-administer this questionnaire in either a research or therapeutic environment. It possesses both the sensitivity and the specificity required to identify treatment-related adjustments in ED patients.

You can find the test in over ten languages. Plus, it is also certified for use.

Can we trust IIEF results?

A recent study published in The International Journal of Impotence Research compared nocturnal penile tumescence and rigidity (NPTR) with the erectile function (EF) domain score of IIEF to assess how well NPTR can diagnose the severity of ED.

The researchers found no link between the scores on the IIEF-EF domains and the NPTR measures in any of the patients they evaluated. If the scores on the IIEF-EF domain were standard, then the NPTR measurements were likewise regular. Therefore, it is unnecessary to carry out NPTR testing if the initial results on the IIEF-EF domain are considered normal.

Do you think you have ED? Check it in 2 minutes.

Erectile Dysfunction Test Online

The Oakwood Health Network ED Test Online, based on the International Index of Erectile Function, is an excellent approach to determining if you have erectile dysfunction. The exam comprises seven questions, each of which has multiple alternative responses. If you are truthful in your answers to the questions, you will receive accurate findings that will assist you in determining whether you require treatment.

There are five different severity levels of ED: No ED, Mild ED, Mild to Moderate ED, Moderate ED, and Severe ED. The ED Test online class can help you determine which category you fall into of the five.

Get ready to get the test results as soon as you have submitted all the answers. You will get brief explanations of your diagnosis emailed to you.

Although online ED tests can help provide a preliminary diagnosis, it is not always the final word, and therefore you should not rely upon them as the sole source of information.

A specialist can only make a complete diagnosis after conducting physical exams and laboratory tests. Therefore, if you are concerned about your ED, it is best to consult a men’s health clinic offline.

At Oakwood Health Network, there is an excellent system for dealing with men’s health difficulties like Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and Premature Ejaculation.

This system begins with diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction online and offline and continues through to a full recovery. We provide free 30-minute online consultations.


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