Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction also referred to as impotence and commonly abbreviated as ED, is a common type of sexual dysfunction in which a man fails to get or keep an erection. Erectile dysfunction is common from time to time, particularly as men age, but frequent occurrences of ED are not.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Erections are directly related to blood flow. As men age, it’s common for micro-plaque to build up in the penis’s blood vessels. Micro-plaque build-up can obstruct and even prevent proper blood flow through the penis, thus making it difficult if not impossible to achieve an erection.

Cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels are common causes of erectile dysfunction that stems from blood flow issues. Obesity is another factor in ED caused by blocked blood flow, as your heart must work harder to pump blood throughout your body when you’re heavier. Low testosterone levels or other hormonal imbalances may also contribute to ED.

The causes of erectile dysfunction aren’t limited to being physical or hormonal. Depression, anxiety, and relationship problems, as well as prescribed medications that treat depression, can also impact your sexual health and performance.

Am I at risk for erectile dysfunction?

Aging does increase the occurrence of erectile dysfunction but does not necessarily put you “at risk” because not everyone who loses an erection every once in a while has a serious case of ED.

Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Peyronie’s disease, can increase your risk of erectile dysfunction. Medical treatments like prostate surgery or radiation treatments may also increase risk. Other erectile dysfunction risk factors include drug use, smoking tobacco products, and excessive alcohol use.

What are the signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

Common symptoms of erectile dysfunction include:

Why should I go to an erectile dysfunction doctor?

Erectile dysfunction, though common, is often a symptom of another health problem that may be even more serious than ED. A proper diagnosis from an Oakville erectile dysfunction doctor may be able to help you target the more serious issue(s).

Erectile dysfunction can affect more than your physical health. It can lead to an unsatisfactory sex life and cause relationship problems. Erectile dysfunction can affect your self-esteem and can increase stress and anxiety.

What erectile dysfunction treatment options are available?

What is Acoustic Shockwave Therapy?

Acoustic Shockwave Therapy is the commercial name for shockwave therapy. Shockwave therapy relies on acoustic sound waves to break down the built-up micro-plaque blocking blood flow through the penis. It also strengthens the currently existing blood vessels and creates newer, stronger ones, resulting in a longer, stronger, and better erection.

Not every Oakville erectile dysfunction center is Acoustic Shockwave Therapy-certified, but Oakwood Health is!

What makes Acoustic Shockwave Therapy a good ED treatment option?

Acoustic Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free procedure that targets the root cause of most patients’ erectile dysfunction: poor blood flow. It does not require any surgery, and therefore, no downtime for recovery is needed. There are no serious side effects or risks and it is also pain-free.

The procedure takes 15 to 20 minutes per session, with anywhere from 6 to 12 sessions required. While this may sound like a lot, Acoustic Shockwave Therapy may actually save you thousands of dollars because it doesn’t need to be taken on demand like oral medications. The results of Acoustic Shockwave Therapy can last up to 2 years, which lasts longer than other erectile dysfunction treatment options.

Some patients report seeing improvements in their sex life within the first or second rounds of treatment!

Is Acoustic Shockwave Therapy right for me?

To determine if you are an ideal candidate for Acoustic Shockwave Therapy therapy, schedule a consultation at Oakwood Health Network.

Where can I go in Oakville for erectile dysfunction treatment?

Oakwood Health is a certified Acoustic Shockwave Therapy provider and erectile dysfunction center located in Oakville, ON. All Acoustic Shockwave Therapy providers are required to complete a training course and have experience in treating men’s sexual health issues.

Contact us today to schedule your first consultation at our Oakville erectile dysfunction clinic. We look forward to hearing from you!

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