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mHealth For Men’s Sexual Dysfunction

OHN believes patients should have a deep understanding of their own sexual health.

That’s why we created the HARDR. App.  It allows men to benchmark their starting point and track their progress. If you are a clinic patient of the Oakwood Health Network, it will also track your treatment plan and appointments.


HARDR. has patients complete a 6-question monthly survey called the Erectile Index – this survey is used widely in medical research.  HARDR. also encourages patients to track daily erections using the Hardr Score question.  Over time, this daily tracking will give you insights into the difference between physical and psychological ED.   If you are a patient of Oakwood, you can also track parts of your treatment plan like, the use of the penis pump we provide, the pelvic floor exercises we give you to do, and the supplements we may recommend. 

Tracking your progress and activities with HARDR.

HARDR. lets you do something you’ve never been able to do before, track the hardness and frequency of your erections

And we all know that what gets measured gets better, so let’s get started

HARDR tracks two indicators. The first is your Erectile Index – a quick, 6-question survey that we’ll get you to take monthly. As you improve, month over month, you’ll see that progress!

The 2nd indicator is your HARDR. Score – a quick daily question. Over time, HARDR. will show you trends and analysis

If you are a clinic patient with Oakwood Health, you’ll also have a treatment plan with activities to do at home.

HARDR. tracks your clinic appointments and how often you use your penis pump, take your supplements and do your pelvic floor exercises.

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The HARDR. Score

HARDR. uses scientifically valid ways to measure your erections. We didn’t just make this up.

Doctors and researchers have been using the Erectile Hardness Score for a long time.

We call it your HARDR. Score.

To begin, HARDR. will ask if your erection was with a partner or during masturbation. This is an important distinction – we’ll explain more in a bit.

Next, we will ask you to rate the hardness of your erection.

Finally, if your erection was during sexual activity with a partner, HARDR. will ask if you took any prescription medication meant to improve the erection.

You should track if you had a morning erection every day. This is an important indicator of what is going on in your body. If you don’t get morning erections or you get less than you used to, your ED is very likely associated with poor blood flow. By tracking morning erections separately, you will be able to figure this out very quickly within a couple of weeks.

After you track your morning wood, you can track sexual activity erections as many times a day as you need or want to. You need to track these as well so you can compare them to the morning erections. If you have a good morning score but a significantly lower sexual activity score, you may be suffering from sexual anxiety rather than poor blood flow.

The more you track, the more accurate your average scores will be. This will provide the best understanding of what’s going on with you, personally. And, over time, you’ll see the progress you are making!. Remember, things that get tracked get better!

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The Erectile Index

HARDR. uses scientifically valid ways to measure your erections. We didn’t just make this up.

Doctors and researchers have been using this survey to study ED for decades. It’s called the International Index of Erectile Function.

We call it your Erectile Index. When you start using HARDR., you will take your first Erectile Index survey.

Don’t worry – it isn’t complicated – just 6 short multiple-choice questions.

Once you finish, HARDR. will tell you whether your ED is Mild, Moderate or Severe.

You only need to take this survey once per month.

HARDR. will show you when it is time to take it again.

Over time, you’ll see the progress you are making!

And this is where you will see how your ED is classified – as mild, moderate or severe. As well as some deeper insights, like how your current score compares to when you started and compared to the previous month

Knowing where you stand and if you’re getting better is super easy in HARDR.

And remember, things that get tracked get better – so get tracking!

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