Improve Men's Health Scholarship

Why Do We Care So Much About Men’s Health?

When we examine World Health Statistics, we discover that men have a shorter life expectancy than women. On average, a man’s lifespan is six years shorter than a woman’s, and this difference is seen universally around the world in every ethnicity.

We want to learn more about how to improve men’s health, especially your sexual health, because it can also have significant impacts on your physical and mental health.

We know that education is essential, so we searched for scholarships in the USA and scholarships in Canada, and we designed an “Improve Men’s Health” scholarship of our own!

The Shocking Costs of Men’s Healthcare in Canada

Healthcare costs for Canadian men

As a leader in men’s sexual health in this country, we’re keenly aware of how erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease can lower the quality of a person’s life and translate into higher mortality rates. This fact can have severe consequences for a person’s family, the society around them, and even the economy.

If you’ve ever wondered about healthcare costs for Canadian men, we have the statistic, and it might shock you!

Direct and indirect healthcare (this includes premature mortality in men, short-term or longer-term disability cases, and disease caused by smoking, excess weight, overdrinking, and physical inactivity) costs this country billions.

We dug a bit deeper and found this study by the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation that healthcare costs for Canadian men reached $36.9 billion in 2014.

While the healthcare statistics are startling, we need to point out that incidences of male depression and other mental health issues aren’t always included in research findings. Still, mental health issues in men need addressing because the suicide rate for men is four times greater globally than it is for women.

How to Improve Men’s Health

There is good news to report! Up to 70% of men’s healthcare costs in Canada can be prevented in relatively straightforward ways: by getting active, quitting smoking, losing weight, and drinking less.

Still, we wondered. How can we help men to avoid destructive behaviors in the first place?

Our Men’s Health Challenge

men avoid medical checkups

It’s commonly recognized in healthcare worldwide that men can be hesitant to seek medical help. Check out this research data from the Cleveland Clinic:

  • 72% of men admitted they’d choose to do household chores like cleaning toilets rather than see a doctor.
  • 65% of men admit to avoiding a medical checkup.
  • 20% of men admit to concealing health information from their doctor.
  • 37% of men admitted that they concealed a health issue from their doctor because they were wary of a severe diagnosis if they told the truth.

After we read that, we started to investigate a possible way to improve men’s health through scholarships in the USA and Canada. Here’s what we decided to do.

Improving Men’s Health Through Scholarships in Canada

History has proven that addressing needs can lead to an overall improvement in a situation. However, when it comes to Canadian men and how to improve men’s health, we need new ideas on how to improve their health, including ways to encourage men to seek medical help.

That’s where you come in!

We’re pleased to be offering the Improve Men’s Health Scholarship. Click on the link today to find out:

  • Who is eligible?
  • How to apply?
  • What format to choose?
  • What are the selection criteria?
  • What are the Scholarship deadlines?

This scholarship in Canada can change your life, and it may change the lives of Canadian men for the better. Submit your application today!


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