Improve Men’s Health Scholarship
Improve Men's Health Scholarship

Oakwood Health Network is a group of clinics dedicated to men’s sexual health. Oakwood’s proprietary technology allows men to track symptoms, treatments and progress in a revolutionary way. This scalable AI-driven technology, combined with industry-leading, multi-strategy treatment, is the future of clinical & digital sexual health.

Oakwood Health Network strongly believes that sexual health is as essential as any other health metric. Men suffer huge impacts on their physical and mental health when they experience ED and/or Peyronie’s, with lower quality of life and higher mortality. This in turn has consequences for families, society and the economy.

The challenge we are facing is the reluctance of men to seek treatment due to stigma and outdated knowledge.

That is why we created the Improve Men’s Health Scholarship. We want to utilize the power of cross-functional solutions. We are looking for fresh ideas on how to improve Men’s Health from any student whether you are in Medical School or studying Philosophy.

How what you are currently studying can help
improve Men's Health
Online Application Form

We invite you to share your idea on

How what you are currently studying can help improve Men’s Health and win a $2,000 (CAD) award!

If you have an idea in mind and are ready to share it with the world, please submit your application.

Who is Eligible?

Students 18+ years old.

Currently enrolled in colleges and universities.

A resident of Canada or the United States.

How to Apply?

1. Share your ideas on How what you are currently studying could help improve Men’s Health.
2. You can use your preferred format:

Essay (up to 1000 words)

Presentation (up to 20 slides)

Video (up to 10 minutes)

3. Submit your work to the Application Form below.

Selection Criteria for Ideas
Scholarship winner




Solving the challenge



WINNER ANNOUNCED: June 14, 2022,

A $2,000 check will be mailed out to the winner no later than June 24, 2022

PRIVACY NOTE: Winners and top ideas will be announced on public-facing media properties.

FORMAT: Ideas that exceed the allotted format limit will be disqualified.

Improve Men's Health Scholarship Winner Announcement

Oakwood Health Network is proud to have received more than 40 exceptional works answering our question:
“How can what you are currently studying help improve Men’s Health?’’
We would like to extend our appreciation to all the participants for their fresh and inspiring ideas on men’s health issues.
After careful consideration, we’re excited to present the recipient of this scholarship round – Andrew Smithwick, a University of California San Diego student.
Andrew will receive 2000$ (CAD) check from Oakwood Health Network and our appreciation for his novel idea. Congratulations Andrew!

Read his inspiring entry on how Computer Science can improve Men’s Health HERE

Oakwood Health Network is thrilled with how our Men’s Health Scholarship was received. Continue to follow us on Instagram or Facebook, and participate in OHN’s future projects because this is just the beginning!

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