Last Updated – October 31, 2022

What is a better time than this month—when we honour men, moustaches, and fundraising for men’s health in Movember—to discuss how to deal with ED.

You may wonder if you can treat erectile dysfunction with lifestyle changes or if testosterone levels and ED are related. We can advise you based on men’s health examinations and research.

Are you ready to “Get Your Mojo Back” this Movember?

Keep on reading for great information about how Movember started and why men’s sexual health is always important.

Remember, we have your answers on hand, anywhere, anytime.

The History of Movember

Two friends in Australia came up with Movember in 2003. They were inspired by a friend’s mom, fundraising for breast cancer, and they chose November to grow moustaches (“mo’s”) and raise money for prostate cancer.

Local friends and family joined, and the movement grew. The friends created a non-profit company called Movember, and they launched a website to reach more people in Australia.

Movember Goes Worldwide

Within a few years, Movember went international. From 2007 to today, Movember has become hugely popular worldwide, with 21 countries involved and millions of dollars raised for men’s health.

Our Focus Today: Men’s Health in Movember

While Movember’s focus began with prostate cancer, it’s grown to include other important health issues: testicular cancer, mental health, and physical activity.

At OHN, we’re glad that mental health and physical activity get addressed during Movember — these issues often contribute to Erectile Dysfunction.

Let’s talk about our Movember Challenge.

Movember challenges 2021

Movember Challenge 2021

We want to improve men’s health and save lives. Join us!

  • This November, we invite you to the “Make a Move” challenge
  • It involves a 60km fitness effort and fundraising for Movember
  • It’s easy to connect your fitness app to your personal Movember fundraising page
  • You can walk, run, sprint or strut. How you move is up to you.

You’re exercising for a fantastic cause, and exercise helps to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Movember 2021 in Numbers

  • Mo’s worldwide participated in Movember 2021, with over 394,000 participants.
  • During the past year, the organization invested $66 million in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.
  • By the end of Movember 2021, $135 million had been raised, an increase of 13.4 million (11$) over the previous year.

What happened In Canada?

  • The 70,000-strong community of Canadian supporters has created a fantastic movement to change men’s health for the better.
  • All 89 H&M stores in Canada participated in the moustache movement with a campaign supporting the movement. To introduce Canadian shoppers to the cause, they shared #WhyIMo stories from employees throughout the country on social media and in stores.
  • Shannon Nix, a program implementation manager at Movember, raised CAD 15,930 by running 1000 miles in 24 hours in honour of his dad and uncle, who were both diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. 
  • In 2021, Greg Mozesson, a vice president  at CIBC, raised CAD 100,000 by shaving off his epic beard.

What are Movember Challenges for 2022?

Movember Challenges 2022

Movember Shave-Off

The first step toward raising funds and awareness is to shave your head on 1 November.

When: 1 November 2022

Where: 137 Glasgow Street, Kitchener, ON N2G 4X8

Movember Run

It is a charity run from Gyro Park in Trail, BC, to Lake Side Park in Nelson, BC. According to our estimates, the distance is between 67 and 70 kilometres. The route does not take a couple of known shortcuts.

When: 19 November 2022

Where: British Columbia 22, Trail, BC

4th Annual Movember Polar Bear Dip

The sexiest Movember event takes place at Sunnyside Pavilion in Toronto. Hundreds of participants jump into the lake to support Movember Canada. The event will include prizes, a raffle, and loot bags.

When: 27 November 2022

Where: 1755 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Sunnyside Pavilion, Toronto, ON M6S 5A3

This year’s calendar is packed with events. Make your choice!

Men’s Health Examinations and ED

Because Movember focuses on men’s health, we want to discuss the impact that erectile dysfunction has on a man’s mental, physical, and sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction is often a side effect of serious health conditions. To protect yourself, make sure to schedule regular examinations with a physician. Here are some facts about ED risks.

ED and Heart Disease

Men diagnosed with a heart condition are at greater risk of experiencing ED:

  • 75% of patients with chronic health failure (CHF) report problems with sexual activity and erectile dysfunction
  • Men with vascular disease, endothelial dysfunction, hypertension, or other health problems restricting blood flow may experience erectile dysfunction.

Let’s mention some good news:

Medical research proves that exercise can offset serious health risks, including heart disease.

However you choose to move, you can relieve stress and be more energetic, improve your mood and sleep, minimize your risks of getting ED, or help in treating current ED symptoms.

Cardiac specialists recommend that healthy adults “Fit in 150+” with 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week. You can accomplish this goal in our Movember challenge!

Testosterone Levels and ED

Hormonal imbalances aren’t as serious as heart disease, and it’s normal for testosterone levels to decrease as men age, but research shows that low testosterone and ED are related.

If we suspect a hormonal imbalance, we can test your testosterone levels and effectively treat hormonal imbalances with an HRT prescription (hormone replacement therapy).

ED and Mental Health

Men who experience erectile dysfunction can feel anxious or depressed, which can harm the quality of life for a man and his partner.

We understand your feelings, and we have excellent treatment options available.

Now, two important subjects: how we can effectively treat your ED symptoms and how you can help prevent ED before it occurs.

How To Deal With ED

You may be experiencing ED symptoms now, or you’re reading this because you want to stay healthy. We often have younger men in their 30s asking us, “How can I prevent erectile dysfunction?”

Your questions are always important, especially during Movember. OHN has many effective options to treat ED, and we’re pleased to offer tips to help minimize your risks of getting erectile dysfunction (hint: it’s all about lifestyle).

Lifestyle changes for men's health

Erectile Dysfunction Lifestyle Changes

Much is being learned about how positive lifestyle changes help to treat ED. If you want to prevent erectile dysfunction, these healthy habits can assist you:

  • Start walking to get exercise
  • Prepare more nutritious meals with healthy ingredients
  • Try to quit smoking
  • Cut down on your alcohol intake
  • Learn how to manage your stress
  • Stay sexually active!

The Movember challenges are excellent opportunities for you to start exercising, and you’ll also help prevent ED.

Let’s talk about how we diagnose ED.

ED Diagnosis

Oakwood Health Network gives our patients a thorough examination of their ED symptoms in our confidential clinics. We treat men’s health issues exclusively, and this is how we diagnose erectile dysfunction:

  • Hormone testing to check testosterone levels
  • A physical examination
  • A review of your medical history, including any mental health issues (this is called your psychosocial history)
  • We often recommend that you visit your family doctor for another opinion.

Once your examination is complete and we receive any additional reports from your family doctor, we can properly diagnose if you have erectile dysfunction.

So what happens then?

Erectile Dysfunction is treatable

Erectile Dysfunction IS Treatable

We have many treatment options available at Oakwood Health Network for ED. We know how to deal with ED, and we can tailor a treatment plan to your situation and your specific needs.

Don’t just sit and worry that you have ED based on symptoms you may be having. You deserve excellent health and an accurate diagnosis, so please book a free consultation with us.

We proudly serve patients across the GTA and beyond with convenient clinic locations in Toronto, Oakville, and Brampton. Care about yourself during this month of men’s health in Movember! Contact us today.

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