Partner's support and motivation in ED treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can significantly impact both sexual relationships and overall health. ED usually results in a decrease in the quality of life for both men and their partners.

Unfortunately, many people with ED don’t seek treatment because it embarrasses them.

That’s why Oakwood Health Network encourages partners to assist in managing and improving the sex life of someone with ED.

Today, we’re talking about how a supportive partner can help to motivate and take ED treatments to the next level!

Partner-Engaged Approach to Treating ED

We’ve discussed before how to talk to your partner about ED.

We’ll advise you on how we involve your partner in the ED treatment process. It’s often much more effective to evaluate, diagnose, educate, and counsel a sexual dysfunction when we all work together.

We call this a partner-engaged approach. In our experience, this can help treat ED more effectively, returning you to a satisfying sex life.

Impact of ED on a Woman’s Sexual Function

Many medical studies have proven how a partner’s ED can impact a woman’s sexual function.

Researchers in these studies use evaluation tools. One tool is called the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI), which is used in conjunction with a tool called the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF).

One study found that 15% of women surveyed had partners with mild to moderate ED symptoms.

This group of women reported issues with sex, including difficulty getting aroused or having orgasms, a lack of sexual satisfaction, or pain during sex. Their odds of experiencing these issues increased by nearly 43% when a partner had ED.

While this study is concerning, other studies are more hopeful, suggesting that involving a partner in treating ED will motivate a person to continue their treatment program and achieve the best results.

How OHN Takes ED Treatments to the Next Level

We believe in collaborating with our patients and their partners on an ED therapy that helps you get your mojo back!

Everyone takes an essential role in treatment:

  • You want the most effective treatment program for ED tailored to you
  • We are your specialist in men’s sexual health
  • Your partner’s support and motivation are essential. 

Effective treatment can start as early as possible when everyone interacts and communicates for the best possible results. 

Let’s break down what everyone can do in the ED treatment process.

The Role of an ED Patient

It may seem obvious, but you can do more in an effective ED treatment plan than just show up!

  • You visit OHN, provide us with your history, and keep communicating with us during your treatment.
  • Healthy lifestyle changes can be very effective in achieving optimal results.
  • Relaxation techniques can lower stress levels.
  • Following your unique treatment program will maximize results.
  • Participating in counselling can be helpful, too, alone and with your partner. 

OHN’s Role in Your Treatment

  • During our consultation and follow-up meetings, your unique case can be diagnosed, and a treatment plan developed.
  • We explain your options thoroughly.
  • We offer education and continual communication for you and your partner.
  • We continue to monitor you and offer feedback throughout.

What Your Partner Can Do

Many patients want their partners to come along to appointments, but there’s more that your partner can do to make your treatment plan successful!

  • Provide their history to our specialists.
  • Participate in education or counselling sessions.
  • Take part in healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Keep communicating with you and OHN’s specialists.
Improve lifestyle habits and health together

This Is Why It Works

If a case of ED is milder, you may want to try an ED treatment at home

We can advise you on what home treatments and exercises are effective, and any treatment works better when your partner knows what you’re doing.

Your partner’s support and communication are always essential in any treatment program.

For people with moderate-to-severe ED, a specialized treatment plan is often the best way to achieve results. Our couples counselling sessions are often very effective in combination with a treatment plan.

Partners May Feel Withdrawn

A relationship can become fragile when one person is affected by ED:

  • ED can cause stress between partners, and you or your partner might feel withdrawn
  • Sometimes, a person with ED may think they should end their relationship when a partner shuts down.

If you’re experiencing this with your partner, here are techniques to try:

  • Simply talking to your partner and enjoying activities together can minimize stress while improving intimacy
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle together can help you to see some improvements in your ED symptoms
  • Adapting your sexual techniques can lead to more satisfying sex.

Defining Satisfying Sex Between Partners

Most people who have experienced ED symptoms have expectations about their treatment program:

  • They focus on regaining erections
  • They become concerned about how hard they’re going to get
  • They want to have satisfying intercourse again as soon as possible.

While these expectations are valid, you may be surprised to learn that your partner’s expectations are often different!

One study surveyed 128 ED patients and their partners. Satisfying intercourse was rated as crucial by 83.7% of the men—but only 20.2% of their partners.

Partners Can Treat ED Together

Partners can treat Erectile Dysfunction together

OHN is your men’s health specialist, but ED is no longer considered an exclusive male disorder.

ED affects a person’s mind and body, but it can affect their partners too. That’s why our ED treatment programs include you and your partner if you’re in a relationship:

  • Your partner’s role is essential in your ED treatment
  • It’s now a common practice to help both partners in our clinic setting
  • When you involve your partner early in an ED treatment program, the evidence shows that you can achieve an optimal outcome.

We’ll Get You There

Oakwood Health Network has established men’s health clinics throughout the GTA.

We specialize in diagnosing and treating men’s sexual health issues, and our treatment options and services will provide you and your partner with communication and assistance throughout the entire process. 

Feel free to contact us if you seek confidential counselling, treatment, or more information.

Proven Solutions. Real Results—we are OHN!

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