Popular questions about Erectile Dysfunction

We’ve read the research: current data shows that 50% of men in their 50s will be affected by some form of erectile dysfunction (ED).

So it’s no surprise that people have many questions about causes, symptoms, and available ED treatments. And if you have questions, it’s not a nuisance to ask us!  

Today, we’re answering three of the most popular (and surprising) questions searched on Google about ED, and we’ve got answers backed up by extensive scientific research. If you’re wondering what these questions are, check out these actual search terms for clues:

  • How to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction. 
  • Does coca cola cause erectile dysfunction?
  • Bananas for erectile dysfunction.

We’ve got fascinating questions to answer today, so let’s go!

Does Coca-Cola Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

For better or worse, non-alcoholic soft drinks are popular, and Coca-Cola is the best-known carbonated and sweetened soft drink available.

What Coca-Cola Does to Adult Men

The last few decades have seen obesity rates increase significantly in adult men. 

Studies prove that soft drinks add extra calories to our diets because of the low satiety and higher carbohydrates in these beverages. A typical soft drink contains about 150 calories, and consumption averages 100 litres/year per person—it definitely adds up!

Soft drinks statistics

Negative Impacts

Medical research proves that obesity negatively affects male sexual hormones. Specifically, obese men have much lower testosterone (T-levels) compared to people of healthier weights.

The penis depends on T-levels to function, and testosterone deficiency can result in venous leakage in the corpus cavernosum and tunica albuginea. In other words, low T levels may cause erectile dysfunction!

Other problems can arise when testosterone levels in the blood fall below average. These problems include increased depression, fatigue, confusion, and anger rates.

Our Thoughts on Coca-Cola and ED

The negative impacts of obesity can disturb many bodily functions. For example, consuming too many soft drinks could result in physiological changes in the body that lead to ED.

However, we feel that a more in-depth study directly linking Coca-Cola to ED rates needs to be conducted to confirm anything.

Does CBD Oil Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Many chemical substances known as cannabinoids exist in cannabis plants like hemp, and cannabidiol (CBD) is one specific type of cannabinoid. 

CBD is non-intoxicating, but it still affects the brain. 

Canada Regulates CBD Use

In October 2018, Canada introduced the Cannabis Act. 

All CBD or phytocannabinoid products must meet the Cannabis Act, including CBD found in industrial hemp or other cannabis varieties. In addition, the manufacture and selling of all CBD products require authorization, or it’s illegal.

Do CBD Products Help to Treat ED?

Theories are floating around online that CBD may be effective in fighting ED. Some studies suggest CBD oil relaxes blood vessels and promotes better blood flow—if true, it could strengthen erections for more satisfying sex.

Unfortunately, there aren’t adequate human trials to confirm this is true.

Other studies claim that CBD reduces stress, saying it’s effective in treating performance anxieties known to cause ED, but there’s not enough proof to back this up.

CBD May Pose Risks

ED rates among cannabis users

Specific studies have investigated cannabis use in people with ED, collecting data from approximately 3,4000 men: roughly 1,000 smoked cannabis products, and about 2,300 men were non-users.

Among the cannabis users, ED rates were almost 70%, and for non-users, nearly 35%. This result would suggest that cannabis users experience ED twice as much.

What We Think About CBD

We’re encouraged by limited research saying that CBD may reduce stress and improve blood flow because this may prove effective for treating ED in the future.

But at this time, we can’t recommend CBD or herbal remedies to treat ED because some products remain unregulated, and further medical research needs to confirm CBD benefits.

How Can Bananas Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Regarding healthy eating, bananas can get a lot of credit for adding B vitamins, potassium, antioxidants, flavonoids, and even tryptophan to your diet!

But do bananas treat ED? Let’s discuss the benefits of each substance:


Oxidation stresses the body, and antioxidants can provide relief. Antioxidants may reduce plaque buildup in the bloodstream, which means healthy blood flow to the penis and stronger erections.


We encourage our patients to eat more flavonoids in fruits and veggies, as studies indicate flavonoids may lower the risk of ED.


Hormones in the body (like dopamine) require tryptophan to help boost our moods, and tryptophan also aids in sexual health by sending signals to the brain to make the penis erect.


Minerals like potassium regulate blood pressure and healthy blood flow. For example, the penis requires a large quantity of potassium to pump blood into the organ for a robust and long-lasting erection. 

B Vitamins

Medical research shows that folic acid and vitamin B6 may help to treat ED when metabolic problems in the body interfere with erections.

The Long and Short of Bananas

Eating bananas for ED

Bananas contain all of the nutrients listed above—but we can’t confirm that eating bananas will cure ED as your only treatment. But eating bananas can be part of your treatment program, especially when you add exercise and a healthier diet.

3 Questions About ED Answered!

Now you know why using CBD oil for erectile dysfunction may not be beneficial and why Coca-Cola may not cause ED, but consuming too many soft drinks isn’t good for your health.

Lastly, you know why people ask us if bananas for erectile dysfunction are really a thing.

Most important when you have ED is receiving a proper diagnosis before any treatments or alternative remedies get recommended.

Oakwood Health Network is your source for men’s sexual health specialists who care about you! Our evaluation process is unique to every individual, and we only recommend the best treatment options for you. Schedule your free consultation today!


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