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Oakwood Health Network doesn’t just provide 1 or 2 treatments – we have 8 different strategies to treat ED and Peyronie’s. Our strategies can also help with Premature Ejaculation and Low Testosterone. Our doctors, nurses and therapists know your sexual health is one of the most important things in your life and we take you seriously. OHN respects patient privacy and confidentiality.

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Acoustic Shockwave Therapy

Long-lasting, painless, drug-free treatment for erectile dysfunction. Acoustic Shockwave Therapy is the premium option for erectile dysfunction.

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Hormone Testing

As men age, it is normal for testosterone levels to drop. However, ED symptoms can worsen when these levels drop too low. If we suspect hormonal issues are the culprit, Oakwood Health will order tests and prescribe HRT as required.


Supplements can be beneficial for many men with erectile dysfunction. Supplements tend to have fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals, making them a good option for some patients. Oakwood Health can recommend which supplements may help each individual patient.


Here at Oakwood Health, our priority is to address the root causes of erectile dysfunction and avoid medication, but for those who do still need pharmaceuticals, we are able to prescribe what you need.

Penis Pump

All of Oakwood Health’s patients will receive a penis pump. The cylinder and pump are used to create a vacuum that helps the penis become erect.

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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Weak pelvic floor muscles can lead to issues with erections, ejaculation, & urination. Strengthening the pelvic floor is part of a comprehensive erectile dysfunction treatment plan.

ED Psychologist

80% of erectile dysfunction issues are physical. However, we know that our sexual health is closely related to our mental health.

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Treat erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease by taking your body’s natural healing properties and using them to accelerate healing. We are certified, injectable providers.

What Our Patients Say

“As a 34-year-old who is in good physical shape, I have been struggling with ED for almost 2 years. It was starting to take a toll on my marriage and overall mental health. I was at first ashamed and embarrassed to seek help but after my initial phone consultation, I realized I should have made this call a lot sooner. Speaking with Charlotte during the consultation, I was able to understand that many Men are affected by ED. I started my treatment’s the day of my consultation and was noticing results at home within only a few sessions. I am now able to have my spontaneous sex life back and not plan it like a meeting with a little blue pill. If you’re struggling with ED, take my word, this treatment works.”


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