What are pharmaceuticals?

Here at Oakwood Health, our priority is to address the root causes of erectile dysfunction and avoid medication, but for those who do still need pharmaceuticals, we are able to prescribe what patients need.

Pharmaceuticals (including prescription drugs and oral medications) are seen as the first treatment for erectile dysfunction, but pharmaceuticals generally don’t address the root causes of ED.  If a patient requires pharmaceuticals as a complementary treatment to Acoustic Shockwave Therapy for ED, we will evaluate the case and prescribe appropriate medication. 

Pharmaceuticals Can Help:

  • Relax muscles in the penis 
  • Increase blood flow to the penis
  • Increase the feelings of sexual stimulation
  • Maintain an erect penis for longer
  • Increase the length of time for men to get an erection


It’s essential to follow the directions when taking a prescribed pharmaceutical for erectile dysfunction. For example, some oral medications work more effectively on an empty stomach, while others require a length of time (generally an hour or so) before sex to be most effective.

Types of pharmaceuticals:

Viagra (Sildenafil): is among the best-known prescription medications for erectile dysfunction. Each dosage generally lasts for four to five hours, and Viagra is best for mild to moderate symptoms of ED.

Tadalafil (Cialis): It is recommended to take with or without food up to two hours before sex. A single dose may last for up to 36 hours, and prescribed dosages can vary.


Talk to Professionals First!

Men treated for erectile dysfunction should only take pharmaceuticals under the care of a doctor or accredited provider, and the side effects of any oral medication should be discussed and made known to the patient. If used correctly, pharmaceuticals can effectively treat some ED symptoms for a limited time. We specialize in treating the root cause of ED and delivering long-term results. Book your free consultation today at one of our four conveniently located in clinics in GTA.

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