Happy Healthy New Year 2023

Last Updated – December 23, 2022

The start of a new year is always symbolic of a new beginning; this year, you may want to start a new life without ED.

Thinking about making positive changes in your life is a human characteristic. About 60% of people responding to a scientific survey admitted that they make New Year’s resolutions yearly.

Our hope for a more healthy and sexually prosperous New Year in 2023 grows stronger with each passing day in 2022.

Taking care of erectile dysfunction or any other sexual issue that makes it hard to stay sexually healthy is a resolution you can achieve in 2023! And you can count on us!

First of all, you have to get motivated. This way, you’ll be more likely to accomplish your goals and resolutions.

Before we dive deeper into New Year resolutions for 2023, let’s talk about staying motivated and not giving up.

How to Start and Stay Motivated

It is common for people to want to change many aspects of their lives: lifestyle habits, relationships with others, attitudes toward life, etc. However, sometimes it is difficult to find motivation, especially when dealing with complicated health issues like ED

Motivation is key here. To find ways of getting motivated, you need to understand what motivation means to you.

Here are some general tips for a successful start on getting motivated.

  • Identify one specific, attainable goal that you can achieve.
  • Consider how you can make that goal a reality and what you need to do to achieve it. Next, set a deadline (for example, a week or a month).
  • Establish a schedule for completing each step and break your goal into small, manageable tasks.
  • Share your goals with family and friends so they can help you stay motivated. You will need the assistance of a healthcare provider or sexologist if you are dealing with health issues.
How to start and stay motivated

How can I stay on track to achieving my goals?

  • When dealing with depression or anxiety, you should talk to yourself positively. Don’t say “I can’t”; instead, say “I will try.”
  • It’s essential to be mindful to remain focused and relaxed.
  • Find professional help. At least you can get a free online consultation with an OHN sexologist or psychologist when dealing with sexual issues.
  • Once a goal or step has been achieved, reward yourself.
  • A diary or app for reminders can help you stay on top of your goals. One of the best is HARDR. App. Men can use it to benchmark their starting points and track their progress.

Once you can control your motivation, you are ready to make a New Year’s resolutions list for 2023. Keep your sexual health in mind, as it is essential to your overall health.

Healthy New Year Goals to Start a New life without ED

Treating erectile dysfunction can positively impact your life. Other healthy habits will help your ED treatment:

Achieving a healthy weight

Yes, you’ve probably heard this all before, but facts are facts.

A poor diet often leaves you bloated, tired and carrying excess weight, and to face life’s challenges—and achieve your goals—you need the right fuel. 

It isn’t complicated:

  • Eat 2-3 servings of raw or steamed vegetables or fresh fruits daily. 
  • Drink more water. When you consume at least three glasses (250g servings) of water daily, you gain more energy and your body functions better.

Start exercising

People think exercise has to be intense, but it doesn’t. Begin by walking the track at a gym and doing light weights under the guidance of a trainer.

  • Building up to a light run for ten minutes twice a week is a great, time-saving way to get in better shape.
  • You can challenge yourself to do more slowly and over time when you do light weights or push-ups.
Start exercising in 2023

Give up smoking and heavy drinking

Many people experience stumbling blocks trying to quit smoking or heavy drinking. Don’t be afraid to slip up; don’t let that make you quit before succeeding.

It’s a scientific fact that people fear quitting smoking or cutting down on alcohol. When they have a setback, it stresses them out, and they give up altogether, but when you come to grips with the fear, you can work through it. 

It takes patience and perseverance to quit smoking and reduce or stop drinking alcohol.

Managing stress and anxiety

It’s a big step to better care of yourself physically. 

Making time for your mental health is equally important, and when your physical, mental, and sexual health needs are being met, you can become more resilient and capable of tackling life’s challenges.

  • Take a 10-minute break and relax.
  • Don’t compare your life to anyone else.
  • When you find something positive, focus on it to reduce anxiousness. 

Schedule your time

Doing something for yourself offers excellent benefits: keep a journal, meditate daily, go swimming, play with the dog, or watch your favourite movie at home to improve your mood and release stress.

Focus on your sex life

Experiencing sexual issues is expected. The great news is you can improve your sexual relationships by making positive changes, including

  • Educate yourself
  • Be patient
  • Use lubrication or sex toys
  • Be more affectionate
  • Try new sexual positions
  • Play out fantasies
  • Do Kegel exercises
  • Chill out!

The World Is Yours

The world is yours! Start 2023 without ed.

When you’re ready to start a new life without ED, we welcome you to visit us at Oakwood Health Network. 

Our specialized men’s health clinics are in Oakville, Toronto, and Brampton. 

At OHN, our expertise is in treating Erectile Dysfunction and sexual health issues like Peyronie’s Disease or Premature Ejaculation. As specialists, we’re here for you.

Contact us as this year starts and begin your Happy Healthy New Year 2023!


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