Top 6 Common Men’s Health Issues to Watch For

Let’s talk about a big myth surrounding men’s health.

It’s perhaps the greatest myth of all—that men don’t care, or aren’t concerned enough about common men’s health issues to ask questions, seek treatment, or get a professional medical diagnosis.

Facts About Men and Their Health

We may be able to debate that myth because the fact is, most men do worry about their health issues.

The problem is, that they don’t feel comfortable getting help, so they often try to ignore a health issue, or unfortunately, wait to seek help until it’s too late.

Why Don’t Men Seek Help for Common Health Issues?

Research from the United States gives us an important clue, as studies have shown that American males as a whole (regardless of income levels or ethnicity) are more reluctant to see a doctor than other genders.

How Do Men Deal With Sexual Health Issues?

Another study into young men and sexual health concluded that, on average, young men don’t seek help or support for sexual health problems. Instead, most young men try to manage sexual health problems on their own.

The Key Could Be Helplines

men's health issues

A confidential helpline offered by a national charitable organization called the Impotence Association met with great success in the UK.

Data showed that the helpline took thousands of calls from men regarding erectile dysfunction (ED), and it’s believed that the anonymous callers would have been otherwise reluctant to discuss ED with a doctor in person.

6 Common Health Risks You Should Watch For

At OHN, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions and results to the people we treat in our confidential clinics throughout the GTA.

Today, we’re listing the six most common health issues that men face. These health issues can affect a person physically and sexually and increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.


Arteriosclerosis is a cardiovascular health issue, more commonly referred to as the hardening of the arteries. The good news is, that over the last three decades, improved treatments have decreased atherosclerosis death rates by 25%.

ED is a known side effect of the hardening of the arteries. If you focus on eating better and exercising moderately, you can increase your longevity and help prevent erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction

The risk of erectile dysfunction increases as men age, with studies showing that approximately 39% of men experience ED by age 40, and nearly 67% of men experience ED past the age of 70. 

While many people suffering from arteriosclerosis get erectile dysfunction as a side effect, doctors warn that ED can signal many types of early-stage heart disease.


8 Common Health Issues Depression

Left untreated, people with depression can face devastating consequences, including self-harm or suicide. Therefore, it’s vital to know the signs and symptoms of depression in men and that many effective treatment options are available.

When someone experiences ED, their risk of depression dramatically increases. That’s why our ED treatment options also focus on treating depression for improved mental health.


Diabetes disrupts how the body converts sugars into fuel for energy. The incidence of diabetes is growing worldwide, and chronic diabetics can experience kidney damage, nerve disorders, stroke, heart diseases, and severe vision problems.

People living with diabetes can have decreased testosterone levels and are at greater risk of ED, increasing anxiety or depression. If diabetes runs in your family, please get screened periodically for this serious health issue.

Respiratory Diseases

If you smoke, know that a pesky  “smoker’s cough” can be an early warning sign for far more severe respiratory illnesses. Over time, life-threatening conditions like lung cancer, emphysema, or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) can develop.


8 Common Health Issues Cancer

The most common cancer in men is skin cancer, followed by prostate cancer. Sunscreens are recommended for most people, while early screening for prostate cancers can locate early-stage or non-fatal cancers.

Early screening is essential, but treatments for non-fatal cancers can be aggressive and lead to incontinence or erectile dysfunction. We can offer ED treatment options for people with cancer-related sexual health issues at OHN.

The World Is Yours

A recent survey conducted by a US insurance company offered sobering news.

1,000 American men aged 18 and up were asked whether they’d gotten a wellness checkup or an annual physical, and results showed that almost half (45%) had not been to a doctor or general practitioner in the last year.

For over a century, men have mistakenly believed that they shouldn’t see a doctor, but that’s ancient history now.

At OHN, we know what you need and deserve today. Our treatments can help you cope with erectile dysfunction, weight management, depression, and hormone testing.

When you take proactive steps with your healthcare, you can protect yourself against the most common men’s health issues that we’ve discussed in this article.

The world is yours, so contact us today for Proven Solutions and Real Results!

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