Treating ED Online

Answering the question of treating ED online, let’s remind ourselves what erectile dysfunction means.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to obtain or maintain an erection firm enough for sexual activity.

How Does an Erection Occur?

In response to sexual stimulation, nerves release substances that cause an increase in blood flow to the penis. The penis, formed of porous muscle tissue, has two erection regions into which blood can flow (the corpus cavernosum). The chambers of the corpus cavernosum are not hollow.

The spongy tissue relaxes when in an erection, trapping blood in it. The high blood pressure in the compartments causes the penis to become rigid, resulting in an erection. As soon as a new batch of nerve signals reaches the penis, it causes the muscle tissues in the penis to constrict, resulting in blood flow into the man’s circulation and the reduction of his erection.

When Does ED Occur?

It occurs when:

  • There is insufficient blood flow to the penis due to hardening of the arteries, excessive blood sugar levels, cardiovascular disease, and smoking.
  • The penis is unable to hold any blood.
  • Many conditions, including diabetes, accidents, surgery, and cancer treatments, cause nerve signals from the brain or spinal cord to fail to reach the penis.
  • You suffer from the side effects of medications used to address other health problems.
  • You are suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress.

When your body and mind sync, you can experience regular sex!

Now that we have established the mechanisms by which an erection happens and the factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction, we must address the issue that we have discussed in this article’s title:

Is It Possible to Cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Online?

Diagnosis of ED

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis

Treatment for any ailment typically begins with an examination of your symptoms and the identification of potential causes.

It is possible to conduct an online search to determine the symptoms and reasons for your ED. Make an effort to rely on reputable sources that urologists and other men’s health specialists have medically verified.

Don’t get alarmed if your range of potential causes for ED is extensive; ED is a multifaceted and highly prevalent sexual problem among men.

Furthermore, stress harms the majority of people. According to a recent Canadian survey, approximately one-quarter of Canadians frequently feel anxious or agitated.

Using online surveys and questionnaires to diagnose erectile dysfunction is another option. The International Index of Erectile Function (ED Test Online) is the most dependable survey available.

It is important to note that conducting all of these causes and symptoms searches, and participating in online surveys, might be considered ED pre-diagnosis. The absence of physical examinations and laboratory tests makes it almost impossible to make a complete diagnosis.

Our Inference:

It is feasible to pre-diagnose ED using reputable medical websites and health applications (such as HARDR.), even though some diagnostic tools (lab testing and physical exams) are unavailable online. It is vital to see your doctor receive an accurate and trustworthy diagnosis.

Treating ED Online

Finding the most appropriate treatment option for ED is the next stage in curing it. The number of ED therapies available is constantly growing due to advancements in technology.

Take a look at some of the most prominent options:

  • Acoustic Shockwave Therapy
  • Physiotherapy for the Pelvic Floor
  • Testosterone replacement therapy
  • Psychological aid
  • Therapy with Platelet-Rich Plasma
  • Pumps for the penis
  • Oral drugs
  • Supplements
  • Using home remedies.

The real kicker is that there are several solutions available on the internet. Oral drugs and supplements, penis pumps, pelvic floor physiotherapy, and kegel exercises are examples of treatment options. Even psychological assistance is accessible if your psychologist is willing to meet with you over the internet.

Another point to consider is that most men prefer to take solely oral drugs and nutritional supplements. Although treating ED online with only oral pills and supplements seems to be the quickest and most convenient method, it is crucial to understand that online pharmacies will not address the underlying reasons for erectile dysfunction. They only provide temporary relief from symptoms.

Purchasing ED Meds Online

Purchasing RD Meds Online

Some companies sell ED meds online without requiring a prescription. Some products may include dangerous substances that are not disclosed on the label by the manufacturer. Because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada don’t control these items, they might be unsafe.

Here are things to check for when purchasing ED medications online:

  • A pharmacy with a valid license
  • Drugs that the Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada have authorized
  • Correctly labelled containers with the drug’s name and its dosage
  • A certified pharmacist who is available to respond to your questions
  • If you have any inquiries or difficulties, please phone this number.
  • A written privacy policy safeguards your payment card number and other private information.

Having a prescription from your physician is a beautiful thing. Despite this, numerous online prescription platforms (OPPs) can assist in avoiding the need to see a doctor. Take a look to see if they are sufficiently safe.

OPPs Study

Between May and November 2019, there was a fascinating OPPs study in the German capital of Berlin. The participants in this study were 11,456 male patients who got prescriptions for ED through online prescription platforms (OPPs). With the help of OPPs, the researchers hoped to understand better the characteristics of patients who have erectile dysfunction and identify therapeutic hurdles that might hinder patients from getting care in regular health care settings.


  • Inconvenience, feelings of humiliation, and a supposed lack of discretion prevent people from seeking treatment.
  • OPPs lower treatment barriers and make it easier for people to get into the healthcare system.
  • Additional study is necessary to confirm the sound effects on medical treatment and establish the efficacy and safety of OPPs prospectively.

HARDR. Mobile Application

It is necessary to mention sexual trackers you can use on your phones. They may help in diagnosing and treating ED online. Hardr is a good one. It was developed by experts in men’s health from Oakwood Health Network.

Using Hardr application, you’ll get the following opportunities:

  • to consult certified specialists
  • to improve your sexual performance
  • to track your sexual health progress
  • to get an individual treatment plan.

Try Hardr at least once to prove all its advantages in treating ED online.


Online ED Treatment

Treating ED online is feasible! However, there are specific essential considerations to keep in mind:

  • When looking up erectile dysfunction symptoms and causes on the internet, consult reputable, medically certified sources.
  • Through the ED Test Online, you may double-check your diagnosis.
  • When treating ED online, look for effective treatment methods such as penis pumps, psychological counselling, pelvic floor exercises, and kegel exercises, among other things.
  • When purchasing ED medications online, ensure that they have Health Canada or the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) approval.
  • Health applications may be helpful as well. HARDR. is an excellent example to try.

While you can do certain things online, if you are sincere about treating the reasons for ED (rather than just soothing the symptoms), you should consult with a competent specialist in men’s health to receive a comprehensive diagnosis and effective ED therapies.

Oakwood Health Network offers free 30-minute online consultations with healthcare experts.

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