Acoustic Wave® Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in New York

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Certified AcousticWave® Therapy Clinic in New York

Oakwood Health provides holistic treatments for a variety of men's sexual health issues. Since each patient is unique, they may require different strategies in order to find the best solution. Our specialists will recommend the best treatment options based on each patient's individual needs.

Acoustic Wave® Treatment

Acoustic Wave® is a long-lasting drug- & pain-free treatment for erectile dysfunction. As a certified Acoustic Wave® treatment provider in Staten Island, we don't just treat your symptoms — we treat the cause of your ED.

Hormone Testing

It's normal for testosterone levels to drop as men age. However, symptoms related to ED can worsen when testosterone drops too low. If we suspect hormonal issues are the root of the problem, Oakwood Health can order tests and prescribe HRT as required.


Treat erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease by taking your body’s natural healing properties and
using them to accelerate healing. We are certified injectable providers.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

A weak pelvic floor muscle can lead to issues with erections, ejaculation, & urination. Strengthening the pelvic floor is part of a comprehensive erectile dysfunction treatment plan.

Penis Pump (VCD)

All of Oakwood Health's Acoustic Wave® and Injectables patients will receive a penis pump. The cylinder and pump are used to create a vacuum that helps the penis become erect.


Here at Oakwood Health, our priority is to address the root causes of erectile dysfunction and avoid medication, but for those who do still need pharmaceuticals, we are able to prescribe what you need.


Supplements can be beneficial for many men with erectile dysfunction. Supplements tend to have fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals, making them a good option for some patients. Oakwood Health can recommend which supplements may help each individual patient.


80% of erectile dysfunction issues are physical. However, we know that our sexual health is closely related to our mental health. Depression, anxiety, & trauma are often contributing factors to and even side effects of ED. Oakwood Health works closely with professional psychologists who specialize in both sexual and mental health.

30 Clinical Studies

Acoustic Wave® has been tested in a series of over 30 clinical studies and has shown a success rate greater than 75% when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction).

Multiple clinical studies have verified the effectiveness of shockwave therapy for the treatment of vascular-related ED.