World Sleep Day

Did you know that there’s a National Meatball Day in March each year? Of late, it seems like there’s a “National Day” for anything and everything, and most of the time, it’s just in good fun.

But there is one day each year dedicated to something everyone needs, and the whole world gets in on this. It’s called World Sleep Day, and in 2022, it’s happening on Friday, March 18th.  

Medical experts say sleep, nutrition, and exercise are vital to maintaining good health. Although that might sound obvious, getting enough quality sleep can be an issue, so we’re answering some sleep “Do’s and Dont’s” today, including:

  • Are there any healthy sleep products available?
  • Is it true that couples who sleep together are healthier?
  • Is it healthy to sleep naked?
  • How much sleep do you need?

Ready, set, let’s talk about sleep!

The Need for World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day coincides yearly with the Spring Equinox, and it focuses on educating people worldwide about sleep disorders and preventing or curing sleep problems as naturally as possible.

If you’re not sleeping well, you may benefit from tips to improve sleep quality.

How to Sleep Better

World Sleep Day

You can teach your body to sleep better by changing your habits and making your environment more conducive to rest:

  • That bedroom TV isn’t doing you any favours!
  • Your sleep can improve by keeping your bedroom quiet and dark and at a cooler temperature from 16 to 19°C.
  • Good sleep often involves taking note of your body’s rhythms and adopting a schedule, so choose your bedtime and wake time and stick to it, even on the weekends.
  • Your sleep schedule can also involve a routine to teach your body that it’s time for sleep. For example, try showering before bed or reading a book for a while instead of watching TV.
  • It’s not just TV—the blue lights in many devices can interfere with sleep rhythms, so unplug from your computer, smartphone, or TV at least one hour before bed.

Those are our most essential tips. Now let’s get into more specific “Do’s and Don’ts.”

Is It Healthy to Sleep Naked?

Medical research has proven that sleeping naked can reduce stress levels, help maintain a lower body temperature, and even help you lose weight.

Sleeping naked can also improve fertility because sperm counts and concentrations decrease when the testicles get too warm or underwear gets too tight. Plus, if you’re sleeping with your partner, there are added benefits to sleeping naked!

Couples Who Sleep Together Are Healthier

Scientists tell us that couples who sleep naked may have increased oxytocin levels, called the “love hormone,” which can strengthen your bond. But even if you don’t sleep naked, it’s best not to sleep alone if you have a partner.

Studies show that couples may experience fewer sleep disruptions and have better quality rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep together than apart. REM sleep is essential to helping your body operate at its best capacity for memorizing and remembering, emotional control, and problem-solving.

But suppose you’re experiencing sleep problems as a result of insomnia. In that case, you may be wondering if medications will do the trick or if there’s anything healthier and more natural to try.

Do Healthy Sleep Products Exist?

healthy sleep products

For insomniacs, the great news is that natural sleep herbs can relax your body, ease your anxiety, and lead you into better sleep.

Look for healthy sleep products containing chamomile, valerian, hops, passionflower, lavender, or ginseng. These ingredients may also improve your digestion and even offer some pain relief.

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

The rules surrounding sleep quality aren’t the same for everyone. But, in general, the following factors can help determine how much sleep you’ll need.

Sleep quantity

Adults generally don’t need as much sleep as children or teens. The amount of sleep your body needs changes from 10-12 hours in childhood, 8-10 hours as a teen, to 7 hours in adulthood.

Sleep quality

It’s not just the hours you sleep. It’s the quality of your sleep that’s important. Older adults often take longer to fall asleep, sleep lighter, and get up multiple times during the night.

Your Sleep Don’ts

healthy sleep

Once a person becomes sleep-deprived, their body will suffer without better quality sleep. However, you can often help yourself sleep better by knowing what not to do:

  • Working out at night is a good energy boost, but it also increases body temperature and might make it hard to fall asleep—don’t exercise too late.
  • Going to bed before you feel sleepy may keep you up, and it can increase feelings of anxiety—don’t go to bed too early.
  • Having a drink may seem to make you sleepy, but alcohol often disrupts sleep quality, especially later at night—don’t drink too late.
  • Smoking and caffeine will stimulate your body too much and cause problems at night—don’t drink coffee or smoke too late either.

Lastly, when lying awake at night, try not to focus too much on lost sleep. It may only increase your anxiety, so it’s best not to keep checking the clock.

Better Sleep Can Minimize Your Risk of ED

We’re glad that World Sleep Day exists. It’s given us the chance to tell you about natural, healthy sleep products you can try instead of chemical sleep aids and why couples who sleep together are generally healthier and happier.

As we head into warmer weather, it’s good to know that it is healthy to sleep naked, alone or with your partner. So let the “love hormone” rule!

All of the tips we’ve listed here may help you achieve healthier sleep. There are many good reasons to improve your sleep quality, from improving your mental health to reducing the risk of physical problems like erectile dysfunction (ED).

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